National Association Of Landscape Professionals Says Prepare Lawn And Landscape Now For Healthy Futu

Dated: 10/24/2018

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NALP recommends the following fall lawn care and landscape practices for homeowners to assure healthy spring growth:

  1. Seed for a lush lawn – A healthy, lush lawn is the foundation of a beautiful and enjoyable yard, so it is important to properly treat and care for turfgrasses. Seeding and overseeding will help inject new life into thinning grass, help fill in bare areas and introduce grass varieties.

  2. Fertilize for the future – With guidance from a lawn care professional, fall fertilizing helps lawns maintain future health and appearance. When fertilizing, it’s important to take into consideration grass type and climate. Cool-season grasses should generally be fertilized September through November and warm-season grasses should be fertilized slightly earlier.

  3. Cut perennials for healthy growth – As temperatures begin to cool, it’s important to cut most perennials after the first frost. Depending on the plant, fall is often the best time to prune because plants do not actively grow as the dormant season approaches.

  4. Rake leaves to avoid future grass damage – One of the most common fall yard care practices, raking and removing leaves, brings tremendous benefits for a lawn. Removing leaves helps prevent turfgrass damage and protects water quality by lessening the amount of organic material – such as leaves and dead grass – that can release phosphate and nitrates into waterways.

  5. Give plants a deep watering – Fall is the ideal time to give trees and shrubs a final, deep watering. By doing so, root systems will have time to absorb moisture from the soil before freezing temperatures set in.

  6. Complete the perfect mow – Throughout the fall, grass should be cut at 2 to 2 1/2 inches tall. This helps prevent matting, which could lead to winter lawn diseases.

  7. Shut off and properly store equipment – To prevent future home damage, shutting off water lines to the outside and clearing automatic irrigation systems of water become critical elements of fall maintenance. After completing a final mow, homeowners should review the owner’s manual to properly clean and store yard equipment for the winter.

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