2 Basics When You Are Looking For A Home Or Land

Dated: 01/18/2019

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I absolutely understand that looking at houses and/or land is a lot of fun whether it is online or in person.
Even your REALTOR®, who has done that every day for 15 years!, still gets excited.

But there are two essentials that I have learned to remind folks about as they are getting started and really "pumped up".

a) You will be more successful if you establish your needs and preferences (wants) as early as possible. To help you in that process, I have created two online forms to type in your criteria, to organize your goals for your house or land research. Please complete the short questionnaire(s) to receive a copy for yourself.

HOME:  http://bit.ly/2AnlBLY

LAND:   http://bit.ly/2AnkOdY

b) Getting your financing secured early in the process of buying a new home or property is VERY important. Doing so will tell you what amount you will be able to borrow and establish a price range for your search. It will also give you a good idea of what your monthly note will be. Most significantly, when you are pre-approved for your loan, your offer on your dream home or property will be much more credible to the seller. An offer accompanied by a pre-approval letter is second in impact only to a cash offer!

Notes: I can provide you with the blank questionnaire(s) that you can print and complete offline if you prefer. I can also provide a list of the area lenders that I recommend so that you can begin the mortgage process.
Just call, text or email. 225 921-9777 / randy@rcarealestate.com

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