A Little Pop Might Help Sell Your Home Faster And At A Higher Price

Dated: 01/05/2019

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Adding "Pop!" to your house can lock it in the mind of a potential homebuyer looking at multiple homes (and they all do look around whether online or at in-person visits). I show hundreds of houses every year and I see what catches the attention of buyers. It is not always even something that will be included with the house. In this case, we are aiming to solidly deposit your house in the buyer's memory bank.

Now, you could spend a lot of money hiring an interior designer or stager to define "Pop!" for your home. However, if that is not in your marketing budget you can find all sorts of ideas -many at very low cost- online. You know what they say, "the internet is your friend."

Here are a couple of links to slideshows on the DIY Network site regarding bathrooms that did not "Pop!", but I challenge you to google search for "free or inexpensive home projects" (you might want to scroll deep into my blog articles below for the idea sites I have linked in the past). 

If a little $$, time and/or elbow grease gets your home sold quicker and at a better price, you should consider what fits your skill set and time frame, right? 

(Almost) Free Bathroom Updates  http://bit.ly/2VyKBJc  

20 Upcycled and One-of-a-Kind Bathroom Vanities   http://bit.ly/2VwHilG

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