Spring Cleaning Time 6 Things You Never Clean But Really Should

Dated: 04/01/2017

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Spring is "supposed to be the time you pull on the rubber gloves and get to scrubbing, dusting, washing, and polishing so your home looks sparkling clean for the upcoming warmer months.

And yet there are some particularly grimy areas even the most diligent among us tend to avoid. But should we?

“When we do get around to spring cleaning, chances are the first places we tackle are those that we—or our guests—will see,” says Cheryl Reed from Angie’s List. 'But if it’s up high, down low, or behind something, it may never see your scrub brush.'"

Read full article (with videos) at REALTOR.com: http://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/household-items-never-clean-but-should/?identityID=9260789&MID=2017_0331_WeeklyNL&RID=341830062&cid=eml-2017-0331-WeeklyNL-blog_1_householditemsneverclean-blogs_trends

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